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Secure Storage

Secure Storage Facilities in Redcliff & Medicine Hat

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Redcliff Mini Storage goes above and beyond to assure that their facilities are safe and secure!

The number one concern that people have when choosing a storage facility is whether or not their personal belongings are going to be safe. This is something that the folks at Redcliff Mini Storage take very seriously. They have gone above and beyond to assure that the items stored at their storage venue are secure and well kept.

Along with providing an extremely secure storage options for customers, Redcliff Mini Storage has also designed the facility so that access is never limited. If you are looking for secure storage solutions in Redcliff or Medicine Hat so that you can choose Redcliff Mini Storage without having to compromise on when you will be able to get to your items.

How Redcliff Mini Storage Keeps Your Stored Items Safe!

In order to keep customers items safe and secure at all times Redcliff Mini Storage has several important security features on site.

24 Hour Video Surveillance

The first step in keeping your items safe is 24 hour video surveillance. 24 hour video surveillance allows the staff at Redcliff Mini Storage to identify all visitors to the facility.

Fully Fenced

Another security feature that sets Redcliff Mini Storage apart is the full high fence that surrounds the facility. Having a high gated fence helps to assures that unauthorized individuals cannot access the storage courtyard.

Pin Code Access Gates

In order to provide 24/7 access to customers without compromising on security, Redcliff Mini Storage's facility is protected by pin code activated access gates. Each storage facility user is provided with a unique pin code that identifies them.

Brightly Lit Courtyard

As a security feature, the courtyard of Redcliff Mini Storage is brightly lit by security lamps. This helps to make sure that all late night visitors are visible on the surveillance cameras. Having a well lit facility is also convenient when moving items at night.

As you can see Redcliff Mini Storage takes their commitment to providing a safe and secure storage facility very seriously! By providing these important security features they are able to guarantee that clients items are protected and secure both day and night. When you keep your items at Redcliff Mini Storage you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your precious items are protected.