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Why You Should Choose Redcliff Mini Storage

Storage Units
Storage Facilities

The number one concern that people have when choosing a storage facility is whether or not their personal belongings are going to be safe. This is something that the folks at Redcliff Mini Storage take very seriously. They have gone above and beyond to assure that the items stored at their storage venue are secure and well kept.

board room

Redcliff Mini Storage is your go-to source for moving and packing. Let our experts help you choose the right number and sizes of boxes to help get you on the road and onto your new adventure!

UHaul Rental

Getting from point A to point B with all your worldly posessions shouldn't be a hassle. Just contact Redcliff Mini Storage to reserve your van, or order one online, and get on the road fast!

Too Much Stuff? Need a place to put it? Consider Redcliff Mini Storage today!

Located in the community of Redcliff just a short drive outside of Medicine Hat, Redcliff Mini Storage is a state of the art facility, providing reliable, secure and convenient storage solutions for businesses and individuals. Providing all of the amenities that people look for in storage facilities as well as a variety of additional services to make storing, packing and moving as convenient as possible.

Services available at Redcliff Mini Storage:

Short Term Storage Options

Are you displaced, remodelling or just need a place to put some of your extra things temporarily? Redcliff Mini Storage provides short term storage solutions for individuals.

Understanding that there are a variety of reasons why people require short term storage in Redcliff or Medicine Hat, Redcliff Mini Storage provides flexible solutions to accommodate customers needs.

Long Term Storage Incentives

Are you in need of a secure, long term storage facilities for your excess goods, treasures or other belongings? Redcliff Mini Storage provides state of the art long term storage for individuals and business operators. In order to make long term storage more affordable Redcliff Mini Storage provides long term storage pricing incentives.

Licensed U-Haul Dealer

Looking for a licensed U-Haul dealer in Redcliff?

Redcliff Mini Storage is a licensed U-Haul dealer, providing U-Haul rental services for individuals in Medicine Hat and Redcliff.

Packing and Storage Supplies

packing supplies

One stop shop for everything you need to pack and store all of your treasures.

Whether you are moving, packing or just preparing items for long term storage? Redcliff Mini Storage is your one stop shopping solution. Carrying all of the needed products to properly pack and prepare objects both large and small for moving or storing, either temporarily or long term. Redcliff Mini Storage carries everything that you could possibly need to protect and securely store common household items. They also provide protectant covers, packing foam, bubble wrap and packing paper to keep your precious breakable items safe.

Boardroom and Office Rentals

Board Room

In addition to being a one stop solution for packing, moving and storing in Redcliff and Medicine Hat, Redcliff Mini Storage also rents out their modern boardroom and office facilities.

If you are looking for an clean, pleasant and secure place to operate your business, consider Redcliff Mini Storage.

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